Sunday, September 18, 2016

Targa completed by crazy old men

When I asked Fred to send me pics so I could post on a blog, I had no idea he'd send me 46 emails--all with pictures attached. 

There's a saying: Be careful what you ask for.

Well all the pictures have been posted. And now we have proof.

Dan and Fred did the Targa.

Day 6 Saturday - Before the Targa Dinner

After we finally got up this morning‎, we went down to the harbour to visit Signal Hill. St John's is a famous ‎harbour because there is a tall hill as you come into it, making it easy to defend.

 Some pics of downtown St John's‎ on Duckworth Street. Last pic is in the Duke of Duckworth where we had fish and chips.

Day 5 Friday - End of the Targa 3

1-3. View of the fairground from a flower garden adjacent. At this point in the day I am starting to fade, and really want to go back to the hotel for Jack's! [For the uninitiated, "Jack's" is an event that includes Scotch, and takes place weekly at Dan's place Friday evenings. Jack, Fred and Dan did this for about 30 years until Jack succumbed to cancer a couple of years ago. The tradition lives on.]
4. Picks of the stage with the class winners spraying champagne on each other. 
5. The audience. 

Day 5 Friday - End of the Targa-2

1. Cars entering the fairground.  
2. This is the Audi that rolled over several times on an earlier stage. No injuries to the occupants, but the car is missing a few bits. He finished the Targa! 
‎3-6. Pics of the crowds. 

Day 5 Friday - End of the Targa

1. End of the parade heading for the Brigus Fairgrounds through the Targa Arch. 
2. Carson and his daughter Lauren getting their medals.  
3. We're next! 
4. I never take selfie's, but this is an exception. 

Day 5 Friday - 5-8 Brigus 2

Last Stage, last day. ‎No Stages canceled. Woohoo!
Brigus is a very pretty, very dense little town. There were 27 instructions over a 4.5 km stage. Very fast, very intense. And we also did this stage twice - faster the 2nd time.
‎1. Looking back from the Start line. 
2. Looking toward the Start line.
3-4. At the end of the stage we were lining up for the parade and show in the Brigus Fairgrounds. 
5. Emergency Services crews and locals watching the race. 
6. Some local folks watching a car coming in 'hot' in the background.

Day 5 Friday - 5-6 Brigus

1. Looking toward the Start Line
2. Looking back from the Start line.

Day 5 Friday - Cupid

1. The bay at Cupid Village
2-3. Targa cars arriving at the Cupid's Community Centre (CCC)
4-5. More pics of the bay
6. A brook that runs behind the CCC to the bay

Cars lined up at the Start line

One pic at the start line, second run of the same section, except this time we have to go faster!

Targa Day 3 - Wednesday-5E

‎English Harbour continued, and waiting for the last stage to begin: Stage 3-9 Port Rexton.

Targa Day 3 Wednesday-5D

English Harbour continued