Friday, September 9, 2016

Targa High Performance School - Day 2

From Fred:
"This morning we are covering On-Stage Procedures. Which means what to do in the actual race stages, of which there are 8-10 each of the 6 race days.  
That includes getting the Stage Access Pass, Sobriety sticker, how and where to get into the Start Line, what to do if you go off the road, if there is an accident, reporting to radio control, watching for spectators, etc.  
Th afternoon was mostly practice stages and transits between stages. Lots and lots of fun. I only got us lost twice! 
It's Friday night, so Dan and I are in the bar at the Holiday Inn, ‎along with most of the class. The last transit instructions sent us all here. Very convenient.  
We'll eat and go back to the AirBnB place. We check into the Holiday Inn here tomorrow."

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