Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day 4 Thursday - 4-10 Trinity Bay

It was a disappointing day because 5 of the 11 Stages were canceled for different reasons. Here's a summary:
‎Stage 4-7. We did a Fast Drive for just for show for the locals, to make up time. Scoring for this Stage was skipped. 
Stage 4-8 Stage scrubbed to make up time. 
4-9 No pics‎, but I think we did well.  

These pics are at the 4-10 Start Line:
1. Pic of Linda's Pub, near the start line for 4-10 Little Catalina 1. 
2. ‎Cars waiting in line. 
3-6. Pics of the Little Catalina bay and area as we drove through it, not racing, just for a show for the local population. 

Stages 4-10 and 4-11 were canceled at the last minute because the Volunteers didn't show up to tape of the access roads. ‎:-(

After that we drove back to the St Jude Hotel. Tomorrow Friday is the last day of Targa. We're both a little sad tonight. 

Early to bed though, so that's good. Plus I don't need to work on Friday's Routebook for 2 hours, because I did it last night!

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